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IT Staffing Services

Bring flexibility and cost effectiveness into your business

There has been a tremendous upsurge in the outsourcing industry which aid in reducing costs and increasing service quality. The integrated solution approach provides enhanced value to the customers through process standardization, process simplification and process optimization.

At Vivarttana Technologies, our staffing services are as innovative as our customer’s talent needs. We specialize in both volume staffing of contingent labour as well as targeted, niche recruitment. As seasoned experts in providing Professional Staffing and IT Outsourcing Solutions for leading businesses, we have perfected an innovative and rigorous recruiting process. Our customers rely on us to deliver skilled experts and robust team members who contribute to business success.  

Vivarttana Technologies supports professional staffing via Master Service Agreements (MSA) partnerships. We work directly with HR and hiring managers to fulfil newer or harder to find niche customer requirements.

Contingent Staffing

The use of contingent talent is on the rise by growing companies that want to focus on their core competencies and have access to the latest and greatest talent the market can offer.  Businesses have dramatically increased their use of contingent workers over the past decade as they struggle with rising labor costs of finding good talent and the need for a workforce that can quickly adapt to market conditions.  Leveraging VIVARTTANA’s Staffing Solutions can enhance the performance of your overall workforce. Vivarttana Technologies streamlines the sourcing, delivery, supervision and on-boarding/off-boarding of Temps, Contractors, Consultants and other project-based talent, saving you time and money, maximizing process efficiency and minimizing risks for your organization.

Managed Services – IT Outsourcing

For customers who have a high-demand environment beyond our on-demand staffing services, we can be a strategic partner and successfully deliver outsourced IT projects geared towards your unique needs. Our objective is to bring high levels of service, quality, process and leadership, while implementing state-of-the-art technologies thereby “Creating Successful Knowledge Enterprises”. Our IT Outsourcing services and solutions are customized to complement our customer’s business strategy and IT spend. Vivarttana Technologies strategically leverages on its system integration of complex IT solutions thereby helping customers implement and integrate the best packaged solutions to deliver business results.

Who Do We Staff?

From developers, engineers to project managers, we recruit and place veteran and sought-after business professionals whose unique skills will augment the teams they join. Our skills-focus includes IT and Engineering,. We have seasoned teams of recruiters who focus by industry and skill, ensuring the best engagement for our customer. Vivarttana Technologies staffs skilled individuals and teams of professionals in the following roles:

  • Contract-based
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Direct hire

How Vivarttana staffing service is different?

  • We offer staffing services for a start-up, a small company, mid-sized or for a large company.
  • Sourcing, Screening and Recruiting Programs: Committed, skilled and experienced recruiting workforce who can supplement your requirements in contingent hiring as well as permanent full-cycle hiring.
  • @Reduced training costs (only project related KT after hire to perform job)
  • We know how industry works hence implements customized coaching to transform as per industry needs, standards and process and hence forth jump start on the job.
  • Blend of corporate and teaching expertise
  • We ensure you get the right candidate at the right time
  • Vivarttana team of industry experts use Innovative transformation agile strategies to transform the individuals
    • Before transformation of individuals Counseling with SWOT analysis is done by our team of industry experts to guide the individuals steer their career wheel passionately in the right direction.
    • How to apply learning’s on the job – Changing their learning thought process through pointers like what, why, where and How
    • We believe in – "Action speaks louder than Words” hence transformation sessions are 80% practicals and 20% theory followed by discussion sessions.
    • Our passionate team of industry experts builds the confidence of individuals via methodical innovative transformation process which includes coaching of various standards, phases, responsibilities, behavior and process involved in any IT industry with respect to technology learning.
    • Gain the necessary soft skills to be able to conduct daily business within their teams and across the company to be able to communicate with customers (internal and external).
    • Awareness of communication with client & building relationship, expectation management, Project deliverables etc. by engaging them in a simulated requirements gathering session.
    • Prepare business requirements document and be able to convert to use case/stories or what’s needed for the company to track requirements.
    • Understand data analysis and business analysis.
    • Understand the whole project life cycle by correlating every phase to technology learning
    • Get familiar with build and process (Requirements, Development, Testing and Deployment process to move code through different environments dev, QA, SIT, UAT and Prod)
    • Know about release management and its process.
    • Will transform them through industry best practices (what to do and NOT to do)
    • Unique Periodic assessments to measure learning’s
  • Being able to present self for an interview.
  • Will get industry readiness to jump start on the job