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Data Analytics and Visualization Services

Information is the oil of 21st Century and Analytics is the Combustion Engine

Vivarttana Technologies provide solutions in the areas of data science, scalable analytics and data visualization. Our two primary service verticals are Analytics & Insight Generation and Data Visualization & Management.

Our interactive solutions give you the power to explore alternatives through live, data-driven deployments rather than confining you to pre-generated results. Utilizing a broad range of modern analytical techniques and interfaces, we consistently deliver real, quantifiable answers to problems too complex for traditional methods. From machine learning to data visualization to web deployment, we bring together specialized knowledge in key computation areas to optimize implementation.

Why Vivarttana?

  • We build large, continuous analytics engagements that help clients answer simple business questions and execute advanced analytics projects.
  • Our best-in-class visualization solutions can be integrated with marketing research and any other type of data.
  • Enterprise Computation, Accessible Anywhere : We offer tight integration with public and private cloud technology for immediate, secure access to your data and computations