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Welcome to Robotics World @ Vivarttana

"Your Success our Passion"

Vision of Vivarttana's Education Wing → Education through Experienced LearningChange the Students Thought Process from "What" to "What, Why,When,Where & How"

Vivarttana works in 2 wings → Corporate Wing & Education Wing → Education wing through Tranformation Programs to implement "Happy Learning Process"

We are providing the various workshops & experienced learning transformation programs for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and for Graduates in various technologies like Robotics, Humanoid Robotics, IoT, Drone, App Development, Artificial Intelligence.

To give the best education, we have partnered with makers of “INDIA's FIRST HUMANOID ROBOT - NINO” from Sirena.

So, Why wait, Students / Parents ALL are Welcome to help our R&D team to get to know you / your kids interest & strength, so that we can design a Innovative learning methodology to you / Your kids, so that they enjoy the Experience Learning Process.

Students happiness is Vivarttana's Award. We are the Makers of " India's First Humanoid Robot - NINO " All Experienced Learning Curriculum / Projects are correlated to Academic Concepts. All courses / workshops are made available at a reasonable affordable cost. We have passionate Robotics & IoT R&D team to teach kids / graduates. We don't use Lego or any other kits instead we have our own Indian make EVK components kit from our Robotics & IoT R&D company We have both offline & online workshops / Courses. No Bot / Recorded online sessions, only 1 to 1 interactive sessions from our expert R&D team. Different learning methodologies for different student age group.

Why Vivarttana for Robotics, IoT and Drone?

“Happy Learning of niche technologies reachable to all students”
  • We want to give “ The Best” service to the students group
  • Transforming the learning process from “What” to “ What”, “ Why”, “ Where” and “ How”
  • Hence after a good research we have designed a curriculum that correlates with their academic concepts
  • We have dedicated passionate R&D team to train / transform “the students learning process”
  • Various programs with innovative project set has been carefully designed in several Niche Technologies like Robotics, IOT,AI, Drones, Aircraft modelling
  • We have both online & offline Courses / Workshops available always.
  • We don't use Lego instead we have our Ardino & EVK kits & other components for students to build projects.
  • At the end of every online course / workshop there will be online competition & the award for the winner

Passionate Robotic Programs for Kids Online / Offline

  • we have designed innovative experience learning methodologies for all programs through which we will enusure kids will learn every concept with respect to - What, why, when, where and how.
  • We have various courses, bootcamps, summer camps, workshops for kids with fun learning on different technologies like drones, Robotics, IOT, AI, Aircraft modelling.


This course offers students to build their passionate future. we have experienced professional trainers to train the kids. we don't use any lego or ready kits to do the projects. ... we have our own Boards and EVK kits from R&D team for projects. Don't waste your time, start your courses @ Vivarttana to learn happily. This course will help you to learn about different technologies and projects like → Style your NINO
• Automation related projects
• Build your dream car
• Robotic snake
• Mechanix helicopter
• projects on different sensors and other electronic devices
• Assembly of the robots
• Programming laguages from scratch to python and android. and more innovative projects with your ideas.
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In this course we provide innovative projects for kids. Vivarttana’s IoT program is a complete learning experience that enables its learners to create and implement smart technology ... we provide an efficient platform and the right expertise to ensure that kids end up learning not just IoT but IoE (Internet of Everything). we rovide the real time projects and that will help you t build your own. some of the concepts are,
• Automation related projects
• wireless audio streaming
• smart projects
• controlling and monitoring devices
• projects using BLYNK, HTTP, MQTT and more protocols.
And public benefit projects.
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This is the science of making the machines do things that would require the intelligence if done by men. we have several AI models @ vivarttana. ... we plans to make it mainstream by designing project in and around AI. AI and robotics together has the capability to change the era of technology.This course covers,

• smart classroom
• teachable machine
• make me happy
• beatblender
• Exploring AI through block program - AI Snake Game, AI Chess Game through block
• Arduino with AI
and more innovative projects with concepts.
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Robotics, IoT & AI All in one crash course - Interested ?

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Passionate Robotic Programs for Graduates Online / Offline

  • Various programs that we have dsigned to students are related to Robotics Humanoid Robotics, AI, IoT, Drone, Aircraft Modelling & Mathematics can be fun
  • Entire Curriculum has a very good set of projects which correlates to the students academic concepts.
  • Our R&D team will guide students who are having Innovative project ideas.
  • You can explore into many technologies at affordable cost.


Robotics has a strong presence in every domain and at the least, acquaintance of this skill is indispensable. The advanced course of Robotics at Vivarttana is aimed at imparting the necessary skills and giving learners hands on experience with creating and controlling some interesting robotic projects. ... @ vivarttana you will be explore into these kind of technologies to build your own projects and this course covers,
• Humanoid robot - NINO
• projects on different kinds of robots like ground robots, legged robots, aerial robots and more.
• Assembly of ddifferent robots like ATV, UGV, SNAKE
• projects on electronics and different boards.
• Major and mini projects like omni bot, EVK and more
• kinematics, control algorithms and GUI creation
and more students benefit projects.
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With the fascination that is taking over the world to make everything smart IoT is coexistent with every form of technology that is out there. Vivarttana’s IOT Centre provides a complete studio learning experience that enables studentsto create and implement smart technology. ... The Centre will be essential in providing the necessary support and resources, so as to deliver a seamless learning experience. the major covered concepts will be,
• Wireless Audio Streaming
• Voice Control
• PC & App based Control
• Home and Work Space based Automation Projects
• monitoring projects
• IOT connected health care and agriculture application projects
and more related concepts from our passionate trainers.
Connect your networks with us and learn in creative way.
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The program builds a solid foundation by covering the most popular and widely used deep learning technologies and its applications of AI.Build confidence in your ability by working on innovative projects relevant artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. These hands-on ... projects, with guidance from the program’s learning support team, will give you an opportunity to learn by doing. Through this program, you will build a project portfolio to showcase your expertise to the world.. in this course you are into different technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, self driving cars, Robotics and more.
• health care application related projects
• AI in manufacturing - robots
• AI in banking
• different real time application related projects
• NINO - voice recognition, face recognition and more innovative and interesting concepts and projects.
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Robotics Moments @ Vivarttana


This fun and practical approach to education is beneficial in several ways for the child! They experience what it is like to be an engineer at a young age – identifying a problem, gathering information about the problem at hand, figuring out possible methods of solving the problem, attempting their possible solutions, and finally determining the best and most efficient one.The program helps them improve the way they think and attack problems, and experience the science and mathematics with a hands on approach, which ensures that the concepts are well established with their logic

We have several levels that a student can learn within Robotics itself (Over 190 projects according to their age and level!). Along with Robotics, we also encourage students to learn Arduino, Scratch programming, 3D Printing and Drones. These can be taught depending on their age and advancement in projects.

Most often, an inability to enroll is caused by the course being full or restrictions on the type of student that can enroll in the class.

To enroll in these courses, go to the first day of class and ask the instructor for permission to enroll.

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No. We do not encourage parents to buy any of the robot platforms. we have our own Kits from R&D team.

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